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Can Your Company Survive A Wage And Hour Class Action Lawsuit?

What steps is your company taking to prevent your entire workforce, past and present, from initiating a class action lawsuit for wage and hour violations? Will your management team be able to take timely, corrective action to reduce your company’s legal exposure and lessen the likelihood of litigation?

Even though individual employee claims for unpaid wages might be insignificant, when these claims are included in a single, class action lawsuit, the opposite is true. An employer’s financial exposure from a single, class action lawsuit can be millions of dollars.

Claims That Can Be Included In A Class Action Lawsuit

Wage claims from independent contractors or salaried employees for misclassification; claims for missed meal periods and/or rest periods; claims for unpaid overtime wages or unpaid minimum wage – any or all of these claims can be part of a single, class action lawsuit against your company.

Many aggressive plaintiffs’ law firms have turned wage and hour class action lawsuits into a business. CE Smith Law Firm never represents workers. Instead, the firm represents you, the employer. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Vigorous legal representation during all phases of California class action litigation in either state or federal court
  • Early case analysis and strategic guidance to evaluate the options for effective case management and resolution
  • The establishment of thorough documentation to demonstrate compliance with California wage and hour laws
  • Education and training to ensure your management team can recognize and comply with the requirements of California’s Labor Code and Wage Orders

If you’ve been threatened with a class action lawsuit, don’t wait. Contact CE Smith Law Firm to get started on a proven defense strategy to protect your rights as an employer.

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